RADIO SHOW– Plain Bread with Val

Hi  my friend on this page you can listen to weekly radio shows that have been aired

January 10th The Tight blessing 

2018 Starts here  with Vision are God breathed realities 


What Have I to be thankful for 


December 6th Christmas is God leaving us a love note

Why is it so hard to speak truth to loved ones

November 22nd Battling the dark





NOV 1ST When life’s a puzzle


October 25th 2017 ME TOO#

October 18th The word is restart Have your dreams stalled time to restart



October 4th 2017 Poem  The everlasting God does not sleep , He is present in your struggle

September 27th Have you got the assurance or insurance  to face uncertain Times Poem I will lift up my eyes






Why do bad things happen to good people September 20th





Sept 13th Even Superman and wonder woman needs to rest


September 6th Poem Eagles don’t fly alone


Is Prejudice holding you back  August 2nd 2017



July 27th 2017 Are you the person for the job


July 16th 2017 Do you have an issue?

We have all  been a  run away from something in our life July 12th



July 5th Everyone has a chapter they do not read out loud

Lay it down before the Lord and close the door on it  Wednesday June 21st

Has Technology made us become less involved and engaged with each other Listen to the poem the disconnect June 14 th 2017

Be a person of conviction June 7th 2017



 May 31sr 2017

Tune out those negative voices and tune in  to his voice , your destiny and purpose


Plain Bread with Val Topic Dark nights don’t last forever  Poem I did not climb down the mountain I fell

Plain bread with Val May 17th 2017 Topic If it’s dead bury it


Plain Bread with Val May 10th 2017 The Trojan Horse –Never believe the enemy’s lies



May 3rd 2017 Plain Bread with Val

George Orwell   During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.


April 26th Plain Bread with Val

This show was aired on April 26th 2017 and  speaks to those running out of options and contains the poem No Plan B



This show was aired April 19th 2017 and deals with starting afresh .Be blessed